Application Process


All application pieces can be submitted electronically. Please be sure to check with your home institution about any applicable institutional application forms and deadlines.

  • Deadline for Fall Semester 2018 and Academic Year 2019-2020 is March 15, 2019

  • Deadline for Spring Semester 2020 is October 15, 2019

Download a PDF of the PRESHCO application checklist.


Please complete the following documents online:

The general application gives us demographic information about you. Please include at least one emergency contact, and if you do not have a passport or it's being renewed, please leave the passport section blank.

The housing application gives us valuable information that we use to place you in the most appropriate homestay family. Please be sure to indicate any dietary restrictions, allergies, and/or physical and medical challenges you may have.

The autobiographical sketch gives us a sense of who you are, , your academic and non-academic interests, and your reason(s) for wanting to study in Spain. You have the option of completely this form in English, or challenge yourself and do it in Spanish!

The language self-evaluation gives you the opportunity to tell us how you rate yourself in terms of your Spanish language abilities - written, spoken and listening.

Please have professors complete the following documents:

Send the academic reference form link to a professor who has had the opportunity to observe you best. This may not necessarily be from the class where you performed the best. You should not ask the same person doing your language evaluation.

Send a link of the Spanish language proficiency evaluation to your most recent Spanish language professor. If you have not taken Spanish in college, please contact the Spanish department at your university to see who would be the most appropriate person to fill it out.


After acceptance please submit:


Please complete the student medical history form yourself in a timely manner and make an appointment to have your medical report and examination form completed by a medical professional.

Please give the Counseling and Mental Health Form to your mental health professional (if applicable). If you are currently not seeing a mental health professional or have never sought mental health services you do not need to complete this form.

Please make sure the entire page is copied, including the numbers at the bottom of the page. Color or black and white is acceptable. Make sure the copy is legible. Email a scan to the PRESHCO Program Administrator

Photocopy of your passport

Send a legible photocopy of your insurance card to the PRESHCO Program Administrator.

Photocopy of your health insurance card

Please email a high quality JPEG photo of yourself against a white or light background to the  PRESHCO Program Administrator.   The photograph should be taken from the shoulders up, similar to a passport official photo. Label the photo with your name.

One head-shot photo