Cultural Offerings


As part of a rich co-curricular program, PRESHCO offers you many cultural offerings throughout the semester at no additional cost. More information about each of these offerings is provided upon arrival.


Sevillana Dance

The program offers weekly instruction in Sevillana dance. Full-year students who have taken basic Sevillana in the fall semester have the option of studying flamenco in the following spring semester. Some students have been able to petition their home institution to receive Physical Education or Dance credit for participating in these classes. If you are planning to petition for credit, you must establish a mechanism for verifying your attendance at the outset of the semester.


Spanish Cooking

The program offers cooking classes in traditional Andalusian and Spanish cuisine led by a local noted chef. These courses are wildly popular, fun and most of all, delicioso!! Typically classes meet in the evening and are offered once or twice a month. You do need to sign up for them in advance.


This course takes advantage of the stunning architecture and picturesque streets of Córdoba and brings them to life behind your camera lense. The instructor will teach you techniques and give you suggestions to maximize your picture-taking skills. You will spend a week taking photos, then you will send your best to the instructor for him to select and analyze in class. At the end of the semester the group will do a photo exposition in PowerPoint.

Guitar Classes

The program provides group guitar instruction. Information about days and times will be made available once you arrive in Córdoba. Guitars may be rented from the program or purchased.



You may also enroll in theater classes. During the semester PRESHCO students work on a theater piece by a Spanish author together with other theater lovers from the community, which is performed at the end of the year. This experience allows you to seriously practice and perfect your Spanish language skills.


Fine Arts

Under special agreement with the Escuela de Arte Mateo Inurria, you can enroll in selected studio art classes. Choice of classes includes sculpture, ceramics, computer-assisted graphic design, drawing, photography, and woodworking (with a focus on local mudéjar styles). The classes are free, but you are expected to contribute some of your Cultural Reimbursement fund to pay for class materials. Wellesley students may be able to receive credit through the Art Department.


Compañeros de Conversación

The program sponsors an exchange by which Spanish students and American students are able to practice conversational skills in each other’s language. If, for whatever reason, you do not wish to participate, please inform the Resident Director upon your arrival in Spain. You will be notified of the name and contact information for your compañero/a(s) at the beginning of the semester. There will be an initial social event where you will formally meet your conversation partner. It will be up to you to set the times and dates to meet thereafter.

Language Tutors

The program employs language tutors each semester. Typically these tutors are graduate students at the UCO. Tutors hold daily office hours and are available to help you with your homework and/or research, as well as improve your conversational skills. They will assist you with reading your papers and making suggestions on how to improve your writing, answering grammar questions, and practicing your spoken language. They cannot, however, correct your papers and/or write them for you. Tutors are a wonderful resource, and one more way to meet locals.

Lectures and Academic Colloquia

The program occasionally sponsors lectures and/or scholarly presentations and conferences at the Facultad. The University of Córdoba also offers programmed lectures and academic events. Information on these is posted on the PRESHCO office notice boards.



There are a number of NGOs and other local organizations where you can participate in Experiential and Service Learning in Córdoba. Throughout the years, PRESHCO students have volunteered with a number of organizations in the area, teaching English to adults and children, helping with refugee resettlement, working with people with disabilities, and women's organizations.  A listing of these organizations will be provided to you during orientation, as well as the steps you will need to follow to participate in this most rewarding activity.


Reembolsos Culturales (Cultural Reimbursement Program)

As part of the program’s reembolso offerings, each semester you are given a predetermined amount of funds in Euros that can be used for individually planned cultural events and activities that help integrate you into Spanish life. They may include among possible others, culinary samplings, concerts and musical performances, travel in Spain (only), purchasing books about Spain, paying for art supplies for your cultural classes. You will not be reimbursed for alcohol, clothing, meals (unless as noted, they are directly related to Spanish culture), or travel outside of Spain.