Arrival into Madrid Fall Semester 2017

The Cordoba staff and Professor Kim Griffin will greet you in Madrid upon your arrival on Thursday, August 24th at the Adolfo Suarez-Madrid-Barajas Airport.

Most flights from the US arrive at T4S (a satellite terminal of T4), and will require that you clear Immigration before taking an internal train to T4, where you will collect your luggage, clear Customs and, then, exit.

Terminal T4S can be overwhelming. After deplaning, be prepared to walk a lot. Once you get to Immigration, follow the signs for the Non-EU (non-European Union nationals) lines, where you will have to present your passport and student visa papers.

After your passport has been stamped, follow the signs to take the elevator to the level where you will board the train to terminal T4. Once in T4 check the monitors for the belt number, which will appear next to your flight number and place of origin of your flight, where you will need to collect all your luggage.  Then exit the Customs area by following the lines marked “Nothing to Declare”. The staff and professor Griffin will be waiting for you outside the exit doors.

As you exit the customs doors (still within the terminal building) on that date, you should look for a PRESHCO sign and identify yourself.  Failure to identify yourself to a staff member by noon on August 24th will require you to travel to Salamanca on your own.

If you are not on the group flight, please note that some airlines arrive in terminal T4 (and T4S), while others (mostly connecting from other European destinations) do so in T1, T2 and T3. Because there is a distance of several kilometers between T4 and the other three terminals, in addition to your flight number and airline, we also need to know both the terminal and the time of your arrival, in order to be able to physically meet you.

If you find yourself stranded, delayed, or facing any other problems en route, please do call. If you are still in the US, you should contact the program administrator, Stacia Biel at 617-835-6532. If you are in Spain, or somewhere in Europe, you should call Eva Sanchez at 629-222-305. If you call this number from your US cell phone, you need to first dial the international access code for the country you are in (011 from the US), followed by the country code for Spain (34) and then the nine digit phone number. If you are in the EU or the UK, simply add +34 and then the phone number (+34.629.222.305).

When calling from the US, please remember that there is a six-hour difference between the Eastern US and Spain.

¡Buen viaje!


Stacia BIel