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PRESHCO (Programa de Estudios Hispánicos en Córdoba) was founded in 1981 and is administered by Smith and Wellesley Colleges. Meet our in the United States and Spain below.

While You're Abroad...

The staff in Cordoba, Spain is composed of a dedicated and knowledgeable group of individuals, who have worked with the program for many years. The staff in Cordoba (affectionately known as the Equipo) will work closely with you, and will be your main line of support during your stay.


Dr. Kim Griffin
Resident Director

Dr. Kim Griffin is the Resident Director. As Resident Director, Dr. Griffin serves as the overall program, academic, administrative and fiscal director of PRESHCO in Spain. She will be your primary contact and advisor. She also oversees the staff and acts as the main liaison with the University of Cordoba. Kim Griffin received her undergraduate degree in Secondary Education-Spanish from SUNY Oswego and her M.A. in Spanish at Middlebury College in Spain.  That began a thirty year relationship with Middlebury as Assistant Director, Professor and then, after receiving a Ph.D. in Foreign Language Education from The Ohio State University, as Director of the program in Spain.  Griffin also spent several years as Director of the Languages, Translation and Study Abroad programs at the Universidad Europea de Madrid.  In 2011 accepted a research fellowship with the University of Cantabria in conjunction with the newly created Comillas Foundation in Cantabria, Spain.  Almost immediately she was promoted to Academic Director of the Foundation and even though that position was later eliminated, she continued to work for the University of Cantabria carrying out research in Second Language Acquisition.  During this time she established and directed a study abroad program for high school students through the Middlebury-Monterey Language Academies.  From 2014-2017, Dr. Griffin taught translation and language teaching and learning, directed the Translation and Applied Languages degree programs, and ran the Study Abroad office at the Universidad Europea del Atlántico in Santander, Spain.


Eva Sánchez Guijarro
Academic and Administrative Matters

While the Resident Director is your main academic advisor in Spain, Eva will guide you through the registration process, recommend courses to take at UCO, and work with you and the Resident Director if anything arises related to your courses. Eva also organizes many of the logistics for the orientation tour and excursions, and is responsible for reembolsos culturales. Eva is originally from Madrid but has lived in Cordoba for many years. She studied archeology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and pursued doctoral work at the UCO. She has been with the program since 1997.  


Maribel Blanca Nieto
Housing and Cultural Events

Maribel’s primary responsibility is to find and maintain excellent relationships with the host families. She will be your main point of contact for anything related to your housing, special dietary needs or other issues that may come up related to your host family. She also assists with the coordination of special events and programming. Maribel, originally from the small town of Cañete, has spent her adult life living in Cordoba. She studied history and geography at the UCO, and has worked with PRESHCO since 1998.  


Encarnación Muñoz Diaz
Student Services

Encarnación (or Encarni) assists in all matters related to the smooth running of the PRESHCO office. She will make appointments and accompany you to medical visits when necessary, help you with directions and information about life in Cordoba. Encarni is also responsible for coordinating student arrivals and departures at the airport, as well as assisting the rest of the staff where needed. She studied English at the UCO and has lived her entire life in Cordoba. She has worked for PRESHCO since 2007.  


While You're
in the States...

Your main contact in the United States is the PRESHCO Program Administrator, who will guide you through the advising and pre-departure phases of your experience. You will also work with your home campus study abroad advisor and academic deans or advisors on course approval. PRESHCO is also overseen by an Academic Advisory Board, comprised of faculty. The main institutional contact at Wellesley College is Jennifer Thomas-Starck, Director of International Study, and at Smith College it is Rebecca Hovey, Dean of International Study.


Stacia Biel
Program Administrator

In the United States, Stacia Biel serves as the PRESHCO Program Administrator. In addition to guidance you will receive from your individual study abroad office, Stacia will guide you through the application and pre-departure phase of the program and be your main PRESHCO contact for advising and application questions, as well as provide help on all things related to pre-departure (travel, billing, financial aid, packing, etc). Stacia studied abroad in Salmanca, Spain for an entire year and lived in Spain for 4 years. She has an undergraduate degree in Spanish and a Master's Degree in International Education and Intercultural Management. 

Academic Advisory Committee

- Carlos Ramos, Chair and Professor of Spanish, Wellesley College
- Daniela Rivera, Professor of Art, Wellesley College
- Corrine Taylor, Senior Lecturer of Quantitative Reasoning, Wellesley College
- Maria Helena Rueda, Chair and Associate Professor of Spanish, Smith College
- Gary Lehring, Associate Professor of Government, Smith College
- Pau Atela, Professor of Mathematics & Statistics, Smith College