University of Córdoba Degrees and Courses



The classes at the University of Córdoba (UCO) are designed for Spanish students, which means that you, as an international student, need to work hard to overcome language, cultural and academic background differences. Nevertheless, PRESHCO students have been very successful in their UCO classes, and have consistently received grades that are on par with those received at their home institutions.

Although you may choose any class from any degree program (grado) at the UCO, we strongly recommend that you try to choose classes from the same year (primero, segundo, tercero or cuarto) of the same degree program (grado). For example, you might want to choose two classes from the second year of Spanish Philology (Segundo de Filología Hispánica). This will help you to get to know other UCO students better because students from the same year and degree take all of the same classes together.  It will also help with scheduling your classes.

Degree Programs

Below is a list of degree programs and corresponding tri-fold brochures describing each major within the degree program. They are in Spanish unless otherwise indicated.







Suggested Courses

The suggestions that you will find in the links below have been created taking into account evaluations by past PRESHCO students (in some cases), along with the major and minor requirements at the home institutions of Smith and Wellesley Colleges, as well as some other institutions that send students on the PRESHCO program.

Please be advised that each student has a unique experience with direct matriculation at the UCO.  In general, classes at Spanish universities are very different from those in the United States. There is usually a theoretical (lecture-format) part and a practical (exercise-based or group work) part.  There are minimal open discussions and presentations, and most of the work comes at the end of the semester.

Therefore, once you choose your courses it is VERY important to communicate often with your Spanish classmates, to meet with your professors and tutors, to attend class, to hand in assignments on time, and to plan ahead even when there is no specific assignment due.

Finally, even though you might feel that the UCO class structure and format are not necessarily to your liking, students in the past have benefited from direct matriculation in many ways:

  • Your proficiency level in Spanish will improve significantly (especially oral comprehension),

  • Your ability to manage a different academic culture and system will offer you an important set of tools for intercultural understanding.

  • Your perspective on topics from your classes will undergo challenges that will create new forms of critical thinking.

The PRESHCO staff members are available to help you to navigate all aspects of studying at the UCO.  

University of Córdoba Structure

Facultad o Escuela:  Una “Facultad” o una “Escuela” consiste en un grupo de titulaciones (degree programs) en un área académica.    

Lista de Facultades y Escuelas en la UCO

Dentro de cada Facultad o Escuela hay Departamentos

Grado:  Un “Grado” es una titulación que corresponde a los primeros cuatro años (“Cursos”)  de la carrera universitaria. Los cursos son: 1º (Primero) Freshman, 2º (Segundo) Sophomore, 3º (Tercero) Junior, 4º (Cuarto) Senior.