Language Self-Evaluation

The Europass Language Passport is part of the European Language Portfolio developed by the Council of Europe. We ask each student applying to PRESHCO to do a language self-evaluation using the Europass Language Passport. To fill out the Passport, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Europass Language Passport
  2. Enter your first and last name.
  3. Enter your native language (mother tongue).
  4. List Spanish as your "other language").
  5. For the Self-assessment of Language Skills, click on any of the five boxes listed (Listening, Reading, Spoken Interaction, Spoken production and Writing), and a menu will appear with drop-down selections. Choose the appropriate response and save. The Language Grid can be downloaded separately but is automatically attached to your Language Passport.
  6. For Certificates and Diplomas, list any special tests you've taken, such as AP Spanish, Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language, or the College Board language exam (CLEP). Otherwise leave blank.
  7. For Linguistic or Cultural Experience, list any important linguistic and intercultural experiences that you've had for Spanish outside of classroom learning. They may be within your family (as a native speaker), a school-related experience such as study abroad in high school or a summer program, or a special program within college (such as an immersion residence hall). This information should help explain how you reached your current level.
  8. Click SAVE and then make sure just the Passport is selected. Save as a PDF and email to PRESCHO.
  9. See a sample Language Passport.