Summer Science Scholarship

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PRESHCO offers one 3,000 Euro scholarship to students to conduct research at the University of Córdoba during the summer.

During the summer you carry out research at the University of Córdoba's Facultad de Ciencias, in the following fields: biochemistry, biology, chemistry, environmental science, food science and technology, physics, and veterinary science. You are paired with a department for your research, under the guidance of a faculty member (or members) from that department. Every effort is made to place you with your desired area of research, but you may not get your first choice.

The application is open to any students who attend Smith or Wellesley Colleges and current PRESHCO students. However, preference is given to students who have attended the PRESHCO program or are enrolled for the following academic year.

All research is done in Spanish, so you must have a very good command of the language. For this reason we ask you to fill out the application in Spanish and also complete a language self-assessment.

You are ultimately responsible for finding your own housing, but the PRESHCO Spain staff can help arrange a homestay with one of the current families we work with during the academic year.

Please note that the PRESHCO staff will only be working for the first half of the summer, so after the PRESHCO office closes you will not have access to them.

The deadline for application is April 1.

Location of the Facultad de Ciencias

The Facultad de Cienceas is 3 kilometers from Córdoba. There are buses and trains that run multiple times per day if you decide to live in Córdoba.